How to Import Google calendar to Outlook

Today we focusing How to Import Google calendar to Outlook.
How to Import Google calendar to Outlook

In this article we will talk how to Import Google Calendar to Outlook. Even if you use Microsoft Outlook’s calendar, it’s common to use a third-party calendar like Google Calendar. feature. You can use Outlook and Google Calendar on your computer mobile devices. With two different calendars, you may want to view events from Google and Outlook on the same calendar to avoid scheduling errors. Fortunately, this is possible.

Google Apps is free, though an enterprise version called G Suite includes email hosting and more features As businesses need, there are monthly fees and several service levels. Google Calendar comes with Google Apps and is a simple but useful calendar app that is automatically available when using Gmail. If you want to mix your apps or work in an organization that uses G Suite or Microsoft Office, you may want to sync Google Calendar with Outlook, or vice versa. Below are the steps to add Google Calendar to Outlook.

How to Import Google Calendar to Outlook

Importing Google Calendar events into Outlook is very easy.

  • Go to Google Calendar. Select a calendar from ‘My Calendars’ or ‘Other Calendars’ in the left-hand column.
    • Hover over a calendar and click the three vertical dots to import it to Outlook. If adding multiple calendars, repeat this step for each.
  • Click on ‘Settings and Sharing’. Go to the ‘Integrated Calendar’ heading in the left side column.
  • Look for the link under ‘Secret address in iCal format’ and copy it by clicking ‘Copy to clipboard’ This link will keep Google Calendar events private.
  • Go to and sign in to your account. After logging in, click on the Calendar icon in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the ‘Add Calendar’ option in the left side column and select ‘Subscribe from Web’.
  • Paste the link you copied under ‘Secret Address in iCal Format’.
  • Create a title for the calendar and click ‘Import’. Outlook Calendar should now display your Google Calendar events.
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We hope you like our article how to Import Google Calendar to Outlook. Google Apps is a free collection of web-based applications and tools. They are useful for messaging, collaboration and productivity. Popular apps include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more. Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, is the premium version of Google Apps. It has been rebranded and designed for business.


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