How to Install iOS 16 Beta On iPhone

Today we focusing How to Install iOS 16 Beta On iPhone.
How to Install iOS 16 Beta On iPhone

This article is about how to Install iOS 16 Beta on iPhone. There are some great recent ones features iOS 16 includes new lock screen customization, an improved notification feed that includes Live Actions, and better parental controls. It is currently available as part of public beta. You can still join the public beta and get access to the version of iOS 16 that will be released to the public next week. Unlike early beta builds, installing final The version of iOS 16 via the public beta program should be bug-free.

To do so, you must sign up On the Apple Developer website if you haven’t already. Apple’s developer plan costs $99 per year. Now, before you pay $99 and download and install the iOS 16 developer beta, we want to warn you. This is not a finished product and will have bugs and issues including possible battery drain. Some people who have already downloaded the developer beta have reported UPI and banking apps crashing in some areas after the update. Below we have mentioned the steps to install iOS 16 beta on iPhone.

How to Get iOS 16 Beta on iPhone

  • On the iPhone you want to install iOS 16 on, go to (opens in a new tab) in your browser of choice.
  • Sign in to your developer account. You may need to provide two-factor authentication.
  • Click the menu in the upper left corner and select Downloads.
  • Scroll down to find iOS 16 Beta and click Install Profile. When prompted, confirm that you want to install a configuration profile phone.
  • Once the iOS 16 profile is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to go to Settings to review it. Launch Settings and select View Profile.
  • On the next page, tap Install in the top right corner to start the installation process. After some legalization about the volatile nature of beta software, you’ll have to tap to install once again.
  • You will be prompted to restart your iPhone to install the profile. Make sure to plug your iPhone into a power source as this process may take some time.
  • After your iPhone restarts, go to the Settings app and select General followed by Software Update.
  • iOS 16 beta is waiting for you. Tap Download and Install and enter your passcode when prompted. Tap Install once again to confirm.
    • iOS 16 will start installing. After restarting, your phone iOS 16 will run developer beta.
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Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article How to Install iOS 16 Beta on iPhone. Apple today seeded the new iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 beta updates into its public beta testing pool, giving non-developers a chance to try the new software before its fall release. signing up Getting a beta version of iOS 16 or iPad OS 16 is simple and can be done by registering your iPhone or iPad in Apple’s free Apple Beta software program. If you liked this article, please share it with your family and friends.


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