How to Record Audio on iPhone

Today we focusing How to Record Audio on iPhone.
How to Record Audio on iPhone

In this article we will talk how to Record audio on iPhone. Your iPhone is packed with productivity tools, but you don’t need to download a dozen apps to your device to save time. Only Apple’s Voice Memos app can help you increase your productivity, track your appointments and reminders, and act as your personal assistant. Use voice notes to record conversations, meetings, lectures, and even the best idea you get while driving or walking the dog.

It’s easy to find that it’s in the Applications folder, but you can move it to another location or ask Siri to open it for you. Easy to use. It is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple computers. Best of all, it’s free. Scroll down tips It goes beyond recording voice memos to show you all the cool things you can do with the Voice Memo app. Below are the steps to Record Audio on iPhone.

How to Record audio on iPhone

  • Find the Voice Memos app in your phone’s Extras folder; Underneath it says “Voice Memos” and has a picture of an audio map.
  • Launch the app and notice the big red circle at the bottom. When you tap on it, a recording will start in one.
  • To stop recording, tap the red square below phone.
    • And as for the basics, that’s it – this is how you record your audio phone. But there are a few other things to explore in the Voice Memos app.

How to Edit and export the audio file in Voice Memos

  • Tap the word “New Recording 1” to rename the recording.
  • To add more to a recording after stopping it, tap the three blue dots next to it and tap “Edit Recording”. To resume recording, scroll to the end of the timeline and press “Resume”. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end or you’ll change the audio rather than add more to the end. You can also crop the edges of the audio file with the same “Edit Recording”. feature.
  • To share an audio recording, export it to an app, or send it to others, tap the three blue dots next to the recording and click “Share…” to open the sharing options.
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Final words

We hope you like our article how to Record audio on iPhone. Be it conversations, lectures, meetings, interviews, discussions, gossip or any other type of speech, the built-in Voice Memos app on your iPhone is a great way to record the audio around you. However, if you want to record audio silently, you need to know the hidden shortcut.


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