How to Replace Start Menu in Windows

Today we focusing How to Replace Start Menu in Windows.
How to Replace Start Menu in Windows

This article is about how to Change the Start Menu in Windows. The Windows 11 Start Menu has attracted a lot of people because of its tricky layout and lack of customization capabilities. Instead of tweaking and improving previous Windows 7 and 10 menu designs, Microsoft went with an upside-down redesign that left many of us wondering, “What were they thinking?” Well, if you hate Windows 11’s new Start Menu and want something more usable and customizable, your best bet is to upgrade to a Start Menu alternative.

Fortunately, with a third-party application and perhaps a registry change, you can get a different Start menu that looks closer to Windows 7 than Windows 10 and gives you a lot of options. There are many different apps, but I’ve tested three of the most popular: OpenShell (formerly ClassicShell), a free open-source app, Start All Back, and Start11, which cost $4.99 each and offer much more. features. Below, we have mentioned the steps to change Start Menu in Windows 11/10.

How to Change the Start Menu on a Windows PC

Start Menu Reviver

This Start Menu has 11 different styles and lets you create tiles for the apps, Windows tasks, websites, documents, and other files you need to access at any time. The tiles can be resized and optimized for touch screen just like in Windows 10. Although Start Menu Reviver 2.0 is officially only compatible with Windows 7 to 10, it works smoothly with Windows 11 and is available in various languages.

SystemTray menu

This Start Menu Alternative is a free open source Start Menu Alternative for Windows 11/10, a simple freeware that you can use to browse and open your files and folders. It’s like a customized start menu where you can add custom root directories and easily search for files through selected directories. You can add folders that you visit frequently or work on frequently. You can browse files in these selected folders.

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Open shell

Open Shell can be used to restore the classic Start Menu, Explorer, and Internet Explorer shells to a computer’s operating system. Classic Shell was a popular piece of software that allowed users to restore functionality for OS iterations discontinued by Microsoft. After the first introduction of Windows 8, the software gained popularity as users chose to work with the traditional Start menu rather than the Start UI.

Start menu X

Star Menu X is an alternative to Start Menu, although they have a paid version, the free version of the website offered on their website has a lot more. features. Here are some of them features Free version: menu, shut-down timers, easily variable size, any scale for any DPI, internal document search and change virtual groups.


Launchy does not replace the Start Menu and is an alternative to the Start Menu concept. It is an open source keystroke launcher. Press Alt + Space to open Launchy, type what you need and press Enter to start matching result. Although you can choose from a few different themes, you won’t waste too much time with customization. Launchy is a free and open source application; However, its developers accept donations to support their efforts.

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