How to Set Metered Wi-Fi Connection on Android

Today we focusing How to Set Metered Wi-Fi Connection on Android.
How to Set Metered Wi-Fi Connection on Android

In this article we will talk how to Set up Meter Wi-Fi connection on Android. There may be times when you need to use a Wi-Fi connection with limited bandwidth. This can happen when you’re visiting a friend or using your cell’s hotspot connection phone with a laptop or another phone. Android is designed to store with you mobile Data, but if you connect to a WiFi network, anything is possible. Your phone You can save large downloads until you connect to a WLAN again, but not all networks should be treated the same.

In recent Android versions, the network can be marked as scaled, but feature Data saving mode is hidden in settings. Google has made it very easy to mark network charging on Android P. All you have to do is open your Wi-Fi settings, tap on Network and find the “Charged” option under “Advanced”. Open it and set network with or without meter as default network option. Below are 4 steps to configure metered WiFi connection on Android.

How to Set up Meter Wi-Fi connection on Android

Usually, major updates on Wi-Fi are the default on Android. The moment you connect, you can try to update the app and even the system. Eat this quickly up Your data, especially with major system updates and applications. To help you avoid excessive charges, you can tell Android to act like Wi-Fi mobile Information.

When you’re connected to a metered Wi-Fi connection on Android, nothing is downloaded without your permission. Occasionally, an important security update may still be installed, but this should be rare. Even if you are connected, Google sometimes pushes these updates to keep users safe. I think this has only happened twice in the last 10 years. However, individual applications still remain a problem. For example, social media apps don’t care if your Wi-Fi plan is limited or not. Most social media apps have settings to minimize usage, i.e. not autoplay videos.

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Set up meter Wi-Fi connection

The process may vary slightly based on your Android version. All steps are based on Android 12. However, this method should also work on earlier versions of Android, especially 10 and 11.

  • Connect to any Wi-Fi network. You must be connected to Wi-Fi for the options to appear.
  • Open “Settings” on your device and tap “Network & Internet”.
  • Tap on “Data Usage”.
  • Tap the three-dot menu at the top right and select “Meter Wi-Fi Networks.”
  • Turn on the network(s) you want to measure.

Some Android devices (including devices running Android 12) include a secondary method. My device doesn’t offer this option, but to see if your device works, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and select “Network & Internet”.
  • Tap “Internet” or “WiFi” depending on the device.
  • Tap your Wi-Fi network. At that point you should be connected to it.
  • Select “Network Application”.
  • Tap “Run as meter”.

Control background data usage in apps

There are several ways to control background data usage in apps. Even when apps are closed, they can use background data. This will often update the widget to give you notifications. For example, weather apps use background data to update the temperature on your notification tray and send you alerts. You can disable background data usage and control overall data usage by changing settings for individual apps.

  • Go to Settings and tap on “Application Manager”.
  • Tap on “Usage Information”.
  • Select the app you want and tap on “Data Usage”.
  • Disable “Background Data” and “Unrestricted Data Usage”. The first is important mobile Data but can limit the app’s overall data usage mobile and Wi-Fi.
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Save your Wi-Fi data

There are a few ways to reduce data usage mobile, the same methods work for many limited Wi-Fi plans. Some more quickly tips To save even more data on metered Wi-Fi connection on Android, it includes:

  • Use mobile Data as much as possible if you have an unlimited data plan.
  • Avoid streaming and/or use streaming services with offline options.
  • Play games offline to avoid data-hungry ads.
  • Disable autoplay for videos on social media, YouTube, and any streaming apps.

Monitor Android Wi-Fi data usage

You should keep a close eye on your Wi-Fi data usage on Android to make sure you don’t go too far. You don’t need a special app to do this. Instead, to quickly check the current Wi-Fi usage on your device for a specific period of time and for each application, do the following:

  • Go to Settings and select “Network & Internet”.
  • Tap on “Data Usage”.
  • Tap the three-dot menu at the top right and select “Show Wi-Fi usage.”
  • Tap “Wi-Fi” at the bottom of the screen. It appears only when the option to show Wi-Fi application is enabled.
  • View your current usage. Use the drop-down menu to view different time periods and scroll through the list of apps to view individual usage in a time period.

Final words

We hope you like our article how to Set up a metered Wi-Fi connection on Android. A metered connection means you have an internet connection with a certain amount of data per month or per day. Other words, you don’t have an unlimited internet plan. Exceeding data limit incurs additional charges. And on some networks, your connection slows down after reaching a data cap.

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