iOS 16: How to use Focus modes on iphone

Today we focusing iOS 16: How to use Focus modes on iphone.
iOS 16: How to use Focus modes on iphone

In this article we will talk about iOS 16: How to Use Focus Modes on iPhone Apple’s next version mobile The software, iOS 16, comes with a revamped lock screen that allows users to create and save multiple lock screens – and they can be combined with different focus modes. The mobile The operating system update was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and a preview of the software provided a glimpse of the changes coming to the iPhone. Now, thanks to beta phases for developers and the public, we’re learning even more about how the everyday use of the iPhone might change when iOS 16 is released in the fall. The lock screen is one of the most unique iPhone settings – it appears every time the smartphone is woken up up – and the latest update will bring various customization options.

Focus mode gets several improvements in iOS 16. First announced at WWDC 2021, this feature It helps users save time by choosing different apps for notification based on the time of day. For example, if you are working, you can change yours home Receive notifications only from selected apps. Below are the steps to use focus modes on iPhone.

How to was set up up And use focus modes in iOS 16

Create a custom focus

Apple has integrated all of the focus creation tools into one very busy page. To understand the controls on the page, let’s create a custom hub. To do this, open Settings > Focus and select Custom. The next screen allows you to give it a name and choose a color and icon for this hub. Tap Next. Now you will see a long page with your test focus name and icon at the top of the page. The sections on the page are as follows:

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In iOS 16, you can now choose which people and apps you want to keep getting notifications from.

  • Tap People to choose who you want to allow, then tap Add button Add another person.
  • Tap Apps to select apps, tap Add to see all your apps, and add each one.


You will see an option button. Tap on it, and options will appear for the following three ways to handle notifications while you’re in the focus group you’re creating:

  • Show on lock screen: This will show disabled notifications on the lock screen and not in the notification center.
  • Dim lock screen: This setting dims the lock screen when focus is on.
  • Hide Notification Badges: Notification badges will not appear on home On-screen app icons for apps other than apps you allow. In other words, the apps you want to use will usually work while you’re in focus, while others will be suppressed until you leave focus.

Customize screens:

This panel allows you to choose a lock screen face or a specific one home screen to minimize the number of distractions from what you’re trying to do. Tap Choose Lock Screen to select an existing screen or create a new one from the Apple Lock Screen Gallery. You can also choose the appropriate one home page.

Note: You can also associate lock screen with specific focus from lock screen. Hold this screen, swipe to the screen you want to associate with Focus mode, and tap Focus button Select the mode you want to use. Tap x when it’s done.

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Focus Filters:

Focus filters are a new way to control apps on your device when Focus mode is enabled. They can help control some features while still allowing access to an app’s basic functionality. This ensures that you don’t have to pay up Uses the app as a whole, but you can customize your experience to suit your needs. Apple has also added the ability to use focus filters with some system settings that can be changed every time you turn your focus mode on or off.

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We hope you like our article on iOS 16: How to Use Focus Modes on iPhone Focus filters are a new addition to the focus mode introduced in iOS 15. In iOS 16, focus filters let you specify what content you want to see in apps like Mail, Calendar, Messages, and Safari.


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