The Ways How To Increase Traffic On Pinterest of 2020

Possibilities to increase traffic on Pinterest from 2020: If you drive traffic to your website or achieve conversions, Pinterest is one of the best social networks today. According to PewResearch, 28% of adults use social media options, making it one of the most popular global social networks (behind Facebook and LinkedIn).

Since the main feature of options is that they are based on images, it’s a great social network for sectors like weddings and corporate events that serves as that inspiration and bring new ideas to everyone who is preparing an event. Thanks to this, it is easier for users to achieve this goal, which is valuable for your company, since users tend to look for more information.

However, before you start looking at the 5 strategies to increase Pinterest traffic, let’s start with a few basic steps that all companies (or users) need to further optimize their presence on Pinterest:

  • Add pines through your web, not your computer. The connection between your pin and the source is one of the most valuable aspects that give us options. Every time you collect a pin from your website or blog, they generate a backlink to your website from a source with a good reputation and high page rank. In addition, every time someone creates a new pin, the link to your website stays the same as when you first accessed it.
  • Choose the appropriate category for your jaws. Adding a pin to a category that is not relevant is bad practice, which also does not reach the right users. Another consequence of this is that your PIN may appear as spam or unreliable. Place pines in the right place for the best user experience.
  • Check your web or blog. Check your website or blog on your Pinterest account to support your business in two ways. First, show that the posts from Pinterest users are images of your website. The second benefit is that you get access to the Analytics options. Once your website has been verified, users will see a check mark next to which their account has been verified.

You will be surprised, but most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies also apply to Pinterest. Not only your boards and your pines are indexed for searching in Pinterest. Unless search engines like Google index this content, you need to pay attention to the keywords you use to attract the attention of as many users as possible.

Then I leave 5 for the best strategies to optimize your Pinterest account and get more traffic so your content is easier to find both in options and on other websites.


The names and descriptions of your Pinterest boards are important. In addition to telling users what they can find, they want to help users find your content.

These titles must match the keywords (keywords) with which users search for your boards.

You also need to optimize the description of each of your boards. There is a 500 word limit, but try to keep it short. One tip is to enter the description of your board as if it were a meta description for a post or article. Try a maximum of 160 words and use the same keywords in the title.


In addition to creating specific descriptions for your panels and options, you also need to write descriptions for each of the jaws.

The pin description is often overlooked and not used, but helps the user understand the context of the image. The description in the pin helps to increase engagement in the form of likes, comments on pins and also re-pins.

A study by social media fan expert Zarrella from social media scientist Dan Zarrella shows that the pines get more re-pines with descriptions of 200 characters. When describing, use the information in the previous paragraph, be descriptive, and use the correct keywords.

Pinterest supports hashtags, but avoids using many. Remember that the description of a PIN should describe your PIN so that an excess of hashtags or keywords that are not connected can have a negative impact.

The descriptions in the jaws are often razor-sharp, why a pin has achieved a great deal of commitment. So keep that in mind when you share your pictures and it’s worth the effort.


5 Ways To Increase Traffic On Pinterest 5 Ways To Increase Traffic On Pinterest

When Pinterest started in 2010, there was only one type of pin. However, there are now several types of options: Rich Pins that allow you to view more information about your pines.

Today there are five types of detailed pines: location, item, recipe and picture.

The Pines Detailed management of risk or user uncertainty is reduced because the pines are much more transparent where the pin goes when clicking, making it more likely that a user will click on your website or blog.

As an example of your picture, the pine of the article contains the owner, the author and a brief description below the picture.

Detailed pines require more effort than previous strategies because you need to add meta tags to your website or blog. But it is an absolutely worthwhile effort and you will greatly improve the user experience.


One of the most important things to consider when planning your strategy is that social networks have to be social. It seems obvious and it sounds superfluous, but one is often forgotten.

The more traditional marketing channels like sending emails or relying on push information to people, while social media marketing (Communication 2.0) opens a line of communication between the brand and its audience.

2.0 starts this communication with your followers and other users on Pinterest. The more actively you give me love, comments or re-pins, the more visible your company becomes for your target group. We also have to add that activating options means that you are constantly generating new content, one of the most important search engine optimizations.

Note that this strategy also applies to other social networks.

5. Add the “PIN IT” button

The strategies above were based on options that help your business or website get more traffic. The purpose of this fifth strategy is to increase traffic. In this case, however, it is first generated through your blog or website.

In order for users to be able to share your content, all you have to do is add the Pin-It button on your website, blog or online shop. This button allows users who visit your website to create Pinto images with just a few clicks. This speeds up and simplifies the process and maintains the link to your website.

Because the Pin It button is so easy to use, your visitors are more likely to share your images in their profiles, especially if we compare them to the “traditional” version, copy the URL, open options, and ultimately share.

The best thing about this button is that once you’ve added it to your website, your job is done. Your visitors and readers can get your content pin and followers to see this activity.

When you start with your account options, these five strategies can be very useful and help attract more visitors to your website. Have you applied a strategy and worked for you in the past? Do not hesitate to include it in the comments.

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