What (and where) is the Option key on Mac? | What is the Apple key?

What is the option key on a Mac? I don’t see anything like that on my Mac keyboard. And where are the “Apple” and “Command” buttons located?

The Option key is labeled Alt on a Mac keyboard. And some of us call the “Apple key” the command or command key on a Mac keyboard. This is basically what you want to know. Read on to learn more about little-known Mac keyboard options.

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Where’s the Option key on Mac?

Many Mac customers – especially British – are amazed at the location where they can be found Option key on a Mac. And it’s not surprising that many newbies on Apple computers are a bit baffled. Scan the keyboard on any Apple Macintosh purchased in the UK since 2006, and you are unlikely to find a key labeled option. So the place is the Mac Option key?

The answer to the question of whether the location of the option key is is simple. The Option key on a Mac, often referred to as an alternate key, is usually recognized by the letters Alt and the image below it, especially on Apple Mac keyboards. It usually follows the Ctrl key on the left side of the back row.

For Windows PC customers, the Alt key can be recognized immediately as the key to the left of the spacebar. So when you connect a Windows or IBM PC keyboard to a Mac, the Alt key has the same effect as the Option key.

The best thing is that Apple canceled the naming conference for the selection of Mac keyboards outside the United States during the migration of the processor from Motorola / IBM to Intel. In different sentences after leaving G3, G4 and G5 for the Intel Core 2 Duo and Core i3 / i5 / i7 sequence.

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Bottom row from left: Ctrl, Alt (or Option), and Apple (or Command) keys on a Mac keyboard

What does the option key do?

The Option key has many important functions on Mac. in particular, to select the boot partition when the computer is started and to print diacritical characters similar to å, ß, ∂ and µ directly from the keyboard.

We don’t know why Apple chose to remove the selection legend on the keyboards of some areas and alternatively use only the expression “Alt” and the associated image.

If you already know or need advice on why this happened, please do so Please contact us.

What is the Apple key on a Mac? Is it completely different from the Command key (or the Command key)?

No, it’s the same thing. Some of us have just got used to calling the command key, known as Cmd, the “Apple key” in the past. You may hear this when old school technicians tell you a key combination: “Shift-Apple-F4” and so on.

The Apple key, often known as the Command keyis marked with Cmd and the quadruple loop picture:

The Apple key is used with a single letter key for many of the most common Mac actions: For example, Apple-S stores the most common functions and Apple-P prints. Apple-T opens a new tab in your web browser.

And what about the Ctrl key?

The Control key (Ctrl) is more loved by PC customers, for whom it really works on the same approach as the Apple key for Mac customers. On a PC stores Ctrl-S, Ctrl-P prints and so on. For Mac customers, the most practical use of Ctrl to simulate a right-click with a 1-button mouse: Ctrl-left click on does the job.

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